Choosing to work with FRUTADEORO means working in confidence with high quality, duly registered at the national and international level, along with a highly trained and skilled in each of their areas team.

We are located in the city of Guayaquil-Ecuador, a strategic sector thanks to its proximity to the main port, provides all our business processes.

What about


In the days of cut fruit, visited the banana packing to verify the quality of the fruit being cut, the packing process if necessary corrective measures immediately set,
We evaluate the quality, taking a small sample 8% to determine the calibration, weight, size and any flaws that were to affect our fruit. To meet the will value as default: light, moderate and severe.
The fruit is chemically treated, to prevent disease post- harvest, as putrefaction and mold crown.

FRUIT-packing.- It does so within corrugated boxes, which is done under suitable dimensions and specifications and specified under the weight applied to pack, tour of his transportation and consumer market status, Case is made of “bottom and lid ‘
Bananas, are selected, washed, carefully handled and packaged in a clean environment and healthy. Used for packaging cartons, of 19.5 kg 13.5 kg net weight in accordance with the market and customer needs, and banana boxes then be exported to specification requirement demands that, in containers 40 Bulk or feet.